Our gamification solutions are developed to apply game-design elements and principles in non-game business contexts.


Our game-based assessments are intended to measure aptitude and suitability in a fun and interactive manner.


Our analytics provide meaningful data patterns necessary to continously optimise business processes.


Our modules are interactive and responsive, providing unique experiences through virtual solutions.


"PLAY IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF RESEARCH" - Albert Einstein provides an interactive portal incorporating gamification principles, real-time assessments, data analytics, and cutting-edge interactivity using leading software and game technology.

Our virtual environments are compatible with all platforms which include (but are not limited to): Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android.



Our modules are designed for flexibility in order to cater for any of our customers' needs.

All our software is enterprise ready and is developed using cutting-edge cloud and game technology. The systems are designed for stability and scalability to ensure maximum uptime for our customers.


    The rise of video technology has made it easier than ever to connect potential employees with employers.

    The module provides an innovative virtual solution which simulates the first line screening process in order to exponentially increase the candidate pipeline and simultaneously decrease turnaround times for placement.

    Position your company as an employer of choice by providing candidates with an awesome virtual recruitment experience underpinned by AI and gamification principles!

  • Screening

    Rapidly screen candidates for first interviews.

  • Interviewing

    Perform first interviews at convenient times.

  • Orientation

    Provide orientation for the newly employed.


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